David Ndii Explains Why He Failed to Disband People's Assembly

  • NASA strategist David Ndii has revealed that the decision to suspend the People's Assembly and not fully disband it was a precautionary move.

    Speaking on Citizen TV, Ndii confided that Kenya's history is dotted with instances of political betrayal and one cannot rule out the possibility of similar unfoldings.

    However, Ndii was quick to emphasize that the possibility did not override their trust in the Uhuru-Raila deal at Harambee House on Friday.

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    According to Ndii, the suspension of the Assembly was meant to give President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga the benefit of doubt and a chance to address the issues affecting Kenyans.

    He further stated that the commencement of dialogue between the two merged with the aspirations of the People's Assembly and hence the need to suspend its activities. 

    Ndii further raised concerns that the Uhuru-Raila deal may be yet another "cruel marriage" making reference to previous four instances where the country's leadership foiled attempts to foster nationalism.

    Ndii indicated that the success of the deal was pegged on how it addressed pertinent historical issues and the commitment of the leaders to bring all citizens onboard.

    "We are divided on whether to be a democracy or a dictatorship," he stated opinionating that Kenyans differed greatly on fundamental social values.

    Put to task on what role he intended to play following the deal, Ndii expressed that going forward, they would continue offering counsel on leaders to put the country first.

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    Besides, he asserted they would continue condemning corruption and other vices without favour and defend the dignity of all Kenyans.