Aden Duale Goes After Cyprian Nyakundi in Parliament

  • National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale went after controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi in Parliament on Friday, accusing him of creating multiple fake social media accounts bearing his name which he (Nyakundi) allegedly used to fleece Kenyans.

    As lawmakers discussed a bill on cybercrime, Duale lamented that he had been a victim of Nyakundi's schemes for the past two years.

    "For two years I have been a victim of Nyakundi who has opened Facebook & Twitter accounts in my name to solicit funds," he stated.

    The Garissa Town MP further claimed that an unnamed woman had gotten the phone numbers of all male MPs and kept sending them obscene images.

    "There is a lady who has telephone numbers of all the male MPs and posts obscene photos to them," Duale disclosed.

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    Legislators from both sides of the political divide seemed to agree that cybersecurity had largely been ignored in Kenya, and new measures were required to keep up with technological advances witnessed in recent years.

    Minority Leader John Mbadi echoed Duale's sentiments, stating: "How did the phone numbers of 400 MP’s get known to one person? People are being conned across Kenya using our names."

    Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wah disclosed that a fake Twitter account set up in his name had even strained his relationship with his Budalangi counterpart Raphael Wanjala.

    He also accused Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers of failing to tackle cybercrime cases effectively, describing them as 'inept'.

    Kibwezi West MP Patrick Musimba explained that cybercriminals were difficult to deal with as they sometimes operate from outside the country.

    "Cyber crimes cannot be left to the ICT Ministry alone. Some criminals are overseas and there are other security issues," he stated.

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