NPSC Chairman Johnston Kavuludi Denies Claims of Reduction of Officers’ Salaries

  • The chairman of the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Johnston Kavuludi on Monday denied claims that officers' pay had been reduced significantly.

    Speaking to journalists in Kitale town, the Police boss stated that he had ordered an audit to determine the appropriate salaries of the officers.

    “Nobody has had a pay cut, but we are carrying a human resource and payroll audit to determine who has what it takes to receive a certain salary,”

    "In the meantime, following consultations with the Ministry of Interior and the Inspector General it has been decided that in order that officers meet their pre-arranged financial commitments, measures be taken for their salaries be reflected in the March 2018 payroll,” Kavuludi stated.

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    He further refuted claims of a mass exodus from the police service over the pay cut.

    “Normally, anyone desiring to resign will write a letter to the employer and I have confirmed with the chief executive of NPSC and the Inspector-General that no letter has been received,” he conveyed.

    Kavuludi noted that the commission had received complaints from the office of the Inspector General over officers who were fraudulently earning a salary without proper documents.

    “These are the ones we said if they have been entered into the system illegally, we would stop the payment until an audit is carried out, which is what we have started doing,” he stated.

    Earlier reports indicated that graduate and disabled police officers' salaries were slashed by as much as half prompting some to resign from their jobs.

    The changes which in some instances went up by nearly Sh26,000 which workers under COTU condemning the move.

    On Monday, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) chairperson Kagwiria Mbogori urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to suspend the implementation of the pay cuts stating that it would violate officers’ economic and social rights. 

    “This is a decision that portends far-reaching and negative consequences to the country, bearing in mind these same officers are the custodians of our national security,” she conveyed.

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