Ali Hassan Joho Shows Off His Greatest Achievement as Mombasa Governor

  • Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho on Thursday revealed that one of his greatest achievements as governor has been improved services at the Coast General Hospital.

    He outlined that bed capacity at the facility now stands at 700 beds which is the highest among referral health facilities in the region.

    "As a regional hub, our medical services reach the entire population at the Coast. We will continue to invest in improved healthcare through partnerships with other players," the governor noted in a speech read by county Sanitation Executive Fatma Awale.

    He added that collaboration with players in the health sector enabled his county to combat emerging diseases like the chikungunya outbreak.

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    Governor Joho was quick to admit that his greatest headache has been the garbage menace that has plagued the county over the years.

    He assured residents that his administration was working round the clock to correct the situation

    "We know our shortcomings in the management of waste. We are now looking for a partner who will help us turn our waste into useful by-products," Joho's statement reiterated.

    He explained that he was sourcing experts to provide a solution for waste management in the coastal city beginning from the households.

    "This will improve sorting and collection of waste. Let us turn the challenges of the past five years.

    "As we worked to meet them, there were teething problems. The enormity of the task ahead requires that we think together," the governor noted in his speech at the County Dialogue Forum at Wild Waters.

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