Police Implicated in Murder of Cambridge Analytica Analyst Dan Muresan

The whistleblower at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal told the United Kingdom Parliament that his predecessor was murdered in a Kenyan hotel room and that police were bribed not to investigate.

On Tuesday, Christopher Wylie claimed that his predecessor, Dan Muresan, was poisoned in a hotel in Kenya after "a deal went sour."

Wylie stated: "People suspected he was poisoned in his bedroom and Kenyan police had been bribed not to enter his hotel room for 24 hours."

He noted that the allegations were "speculation" he had heard from others inside the company and he had no proof of the claims.

[caption caption="Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie"][/caption]

The whistleblower stated: "What I heard was that he was working on some kind of deal, I'm not sure what kind of deal it is."

He further added: "But when you work for senior politicians in a lot of these countries you don't actually make money in the electoral work, you make money in the influence brokering after the fact - and that a deal went sour."

Wylie narrated of a lawless organisation that had dealt with the hacked material, illegal data and the use of intimidation techniques to win elections.

He maintained that Cambridge Analytica had little concern for the law in countries they were contracted adding "they don't care whether or not it's legal as long as it gets the job done."

The whistleblower dismissed allegations from Cambridge Analytica to the committee that they had not used Facebook data.

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He told Members of the UK Parliament that the testimony of the executives had been exceptionally misleading and dishonest.

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