Governor Mike Sonko to Redevelop 7 Nairobi Estates

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Wednesday announced plans to demolish dilapidated buildings in seven old Nairobi estates to facilitate their redevelopment.

    Through a post on Facebook, the country head stated that the urban regeneration project was in line with the county's responsibility for urban management as vested to it under the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011. 

    "In this regard, the redevelopment of old housing estates within Nairobi City County (the “Project”) is to be undertaken with the objective of renewing dilapidated buildings in the City into modern and affordable houses for the Nairobi residents to rent or buy," Sonko conveyed.

    [caption caption="File image of a demolition in progress"][/caption]

    Among the estates listed in the aggressive project are Bachelors/ Jevanjee Estate, Ngong' Road Estate, Old Ngara, Pangani, Uhuru, New Ngara and Suna Road Estates.

    "The County has already awarded several contracts to other development partners to undertake redevelopment of other sites and is now desirous of redeveloping its Greenfield site along Ngong road," the Governor explained.

    He added that the County was in the process of seeking development partners from the Construction Industry, Banking Industry, Pension Funds/Schemes, Real Estate Developers and other investors to redevelop the Greenfield estate jointly.

    In a document on the County website, interested bidders are requested to provide a comprehensive master plan of the proposed development including all activities as outlined in this Request for Proposal Document and any services and amenities necessary before April 25.

    Earlier on Tuesday, the governor launched a Ksh400 Million project to end flooding in the city.

    “The machines will work faster as no manual labour will be required. They will help clear the blocked drainage as the country is still expecting heavy rains,” he stated.

    Sonko assured that the county continues its operations on road maintenance in various parts of the county.

    [caption caption="File image of Residential buildings"][/caption]

    "Similar proposed projects geared towards spurring socio-economic growth within the county include; provision of clean water, garbage collection and city beautification," he affirmed.