Barrack Muluka Loses His Position as ANC Secretary-General

  • Barrack Muluka on Thursday lost his position as the Amani National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General. 

    The move by the party to appoint Muluka as the Secretary-General was quashed by the Political Parties' Disputes Tribunal. 

    Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) Godfrey Osotsi was, however, retained to the position.

    [caption caption="File image of Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi"][/caption]

    Speaking to, Mr Muluka expressed: "I feel bad about the set-back I have experienced today. I actually feel humiliated.

    "Osotsi has not just humiliated me, he has also humiliated the party and the party leader," he noted.

    However, the political analyst affirmed that the party will appeal the decision by the Political Parties' Disputes Tribunal to retain Osotsi as the leader. 

    Muluka further exclaimed: "That was not a fight of Muluka against Osotsi, it was a dispute of Osotsi against the party."

    He added that the Nominated MP will not stay in that position for long since the party does not approve him.

    "He cannot lead a party which does not want his leadership," Muluka told

    Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna was among the first people to congratulate Mr Osotsi. 

    Through his Twitter page, Sifuna noted: "Congratulations omwami Hon Osotsi on your victory. We wish you well as you steer your party into the future. Well in!"

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