Exclusive: Groove Awards Massive Overhaul

  • The annual Groove Awards has undergone a complete overhaul with new categories and a new nomination and voting process that has seen the Groove Nomination Night (GNN) scrapped.

    A source in the Groove Awards leadership has confirmed to Kenyans.co.ke that the announcement will be made tomorrow at an invite-only event at a Westlands Hotel. 
    One of the new shockers is that the categories have been reduced from 31 to 19.

    In addition, the new changes of the voting system will see artists categorised using three colour codes: red, orange and green.

    Artists in the green zone will be will be the ones with the highest votes.

    Those in the orange zone will be hovering around the threshold, while those in the red will be way below this cutoff point. 

    The new changes, which will take effect immediately seek to make Groove Awards more people-centric, drifting away from the academy which was initially the heart and soul of everything. 

    How will all this work?

    Kenyans will then be given a week to nominate any Kenyan artist they think should be on the list of those to be considered for an award in any category. 

    Take note that this nomination process is open to any artist. The only caveat is that these nominations will go into the second stage where artists will be dropped if they don't meet specified criteria. 

    Those who pass this stage will be the ones competing in the various categories and that's when the real battle will commence. 

    As soon as voting begins, one will start seeing artists separated into these three colour codes.

    One can vote as many times as they want.

    Artists in the green zone will be considered likely to be in the final nomination lists unless those in the orange or red zones garner more votes to relegate them to the lower zones. 

    It is not clear whether the annual groove tours, which always take precedence before the main event will still happen.

    [caption caption="File image of Alice Kimanzi performing in a past Groove Tour "][/caption]