Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Advised What To Do by Moses Kuria

  • Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria advised Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri on what action to take after a video went viral on social media claiming he was caught with another man's wife.

    Kuria castigated the people who took the video maintaining that it was a criminal network known for extorting individuals and threatening to leak such videos online.

    In a statement on his official Facebook page, the legislator pleaded with politicians and the Kirinyaga DG to report extortionists to the police.

    "I always say it is nonsensical to pay anyone so as not to give a story to the media," the Gatundu lawmaker stated.

    [caption caption="Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria"][/caption]

    "That breeds extortion and encourages criminal networks to thrive. It is a pity that the Kirinyaga DG did not immediately report such extortionists to the police," he added.

    Kuria further maintained that he would not have paid the alleged extortionists any money.

    "If it were me I would simply have paid them off not with money. These cartels are rampant, especially in Kiambu county. I still urge him to report to the police. It is the right thing to do," The Gatundu MP remarked.

    In 2016 a Kiambu MCA was allegedly lured by a woman to a house where three armed people accused him of fornicating with a married woman and stole his Ksh53,000.

    Kiganjo MCA Samuel Mwarage gave the account at a court and stated that those who stole his money were two men and a woman who had crude weapons.

    Mwarage in his testimony stated that he had been on a business meeting with a woman named Catherine Wanjiku concerning the sale of clothes which he was to be shown at her house.

    [caption caption="Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria "][/caption]

    However, when they got to the house, another woman and two men burst in waving pangas and one of the men claimed he was Wanjiku's husband and accused them of having an affair.