Kenyan Teachers Fail Grade 4 Tests

  • A World Bank report presented on Wednesday in Nairobi showed that most Kenyan teachers failed basic Grade 4 tests.

    The report: Facing Forward: Schooling for Learning in Africa, indicated that teachers performed underwhelmingly in Mathematics and English.

    They scored an average of 92 percent in grammar, 49 percent in composition and 77 percent in Mathematics.

    In simple tasks like adding double-digit numbers, the teachers scored 98percent but the score was lower in subtracting double digits where they got 86 percent.

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    A good number of those tested were not totally comfortable with comparing fractions as they managed only 40 percent.

    The survey was conducted between 2012 and 2016 and although it admits that the teaching profession attracts bright minds, pre-service preparation is inadequate.

    “Allocation varies widely across schools. Control of allocations and transfers is weak and curriculum specialisation worsens problems.

    “Teachers lack continuous support to improve teaching and materials and other conditions are unconducive,” states the report.

    Education CS Amina Mohamed, however, promised that the government would pump in more resources to ensure teachers are well trained and supported to ensure education standards are not compromised.

    African Union's (AU) commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, Prof Sarah Agbor, added that AU will establish an award to encourage teachers and raise the profile and status of the profession.

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