Home of Mercy Njeri Who Was Killed in Pastor James Ng’ang’a Crash Raided

  • The home of Mercy Njeri who was killed in Pastor James Ng’ang’a's car crash was raided on Sunday during the day. 

    Peter Ndung’u, Njeri's father-in-law, reported the incident at Tigoni Police Station indicating that he now fears that his life may be in danger.

    Days after a controversial ruling on the case, the raid at their home in Murengeti Village, Limuru saw all the rooms ransacked and the raiders left without stealing anything.

    [caption caption="Peter Ndung’u shows a ransacked room"][/caption]

    Speaking to Daily Nation, the deceased's father indicated: "It appears like they were looking for a specific thing because after turning everything upside down, they left without taking anything."

     According to Ndung’u, the raiders accessed his compound after jumping over the perimeter fence noting that he had noticed strange people trailing him days before the raid.

    Once inside the compound, the raiders broke down doors to gain entry into the house between 10 am and 2 pm when Ndung’u and his family were away for church service.

    After reporting the matter to the police, investigating officers visited the home, took photos and recorded statements from the family members.

    "New faces have been greeting me in the streets and I have also noticed motorcycle riders around my home, mostly at night which is unusual because my house is at a private area," Ndung’u is quoted detailing the recent developments.

    Alluding to a possible connection between the case and the raid, Ndung’u stated: "There is nothing else that I do that could lead to such activities, I am just a farmer."

    "All these started after the ruling of the accident case and I would want the police to investigate the matter and to establish any connection."

    [caption caption="File image of Pastor James Ng’ang’a being escorted out of Courtroom"][/caption]

    Ndung’u had earlier on indicated that he had turned down offers for an out of court settlement by some emissaries claiming to be from Pastor Ng’ang’a who was acquitted by the Courts.