Miguna Miguna Urges Kenyans to Hold Peaceful Protests Against President Uhuru's Regime

  • National Resistance Movement (NRM-K) self-declared general Miguna Miguna on Wednesday asked Kenyans to participate in peaceful protests against President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration. 

    In a press release seen by Kenyans.co.ke, Miguna noted: "I urge all Kenyan patriots and members of the National Revolutionary Movement of Kenya (NRMKe) to engage in peaceful protests against the illegitimate regime's continued violation of my rights and the rights of millions of Kenyans, its continued refusal to obey court orders, its looting of hundreds of billions of public resources and failure to adhere to and respect the constitution.

    "Hold processions, sit-ins, street protests, hunger strikes and use all media at your disposals against the escalating tyranny and the culture of impunity," Miguna added.

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    The Canada-based barrister also exclaimed: "NASA is dead and with ODM having essentially joined Jubilee, the NRMKe is the new Kenyan opposition.

    "We will and must march on until we defeat those trying to institutionalize the culture of impunity. We must establish a merit-based democratic society," the outspoken leader asserted.

    Miguna announced this as he revealed that he had cancelled his travel plans back to the country.

    On his Facebook platform, he declared: "I was determined to arrive home on schedule, however, just before my departure, I reluctantly cancelled my flight to Nairobi and postponed my next arrival date.

    "In view of the refusal by the Department of Immigration to issue me with a valid Kenyan passport and facilitate my unconditional re-entry into Kenya as ordered by the High Court and formally requested by the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights on my behalf, and on advice from legal counsel," the controversial lawyer revealed.

    Miguna was expected back to the country on Tuesday, following a court order that had been issued, demanding that he appears in court on May 18.

    He told his supporters that he has instructed his advocates to immediately bring to the attention of the court the continued willful contempt of orders by the government.

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