What Kenyans Fear Most in Cybercrimes Law

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta assented the controversial Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Bill into Law.

    However, Kenyans across social media have expressed their one major concern that the Cybercrimes Law may mark the curtailing of the freedom of expression by the state.

    In their view, by giving consent to the controversial Bill, the Head of State had taken a step in the wrong direction in an era marked by digital progress.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru signing the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Bill"][/caption]

    Although the law criminalizes abuse on the internet and social media platforms, a section of social media users were sceptical of the motive and the implementation.

    marking the end to freedom of speech and expression.

    — Fidel Jesus (@FidelFidel6) May 16, 2018

    If our president is seriously interested in tackling graft he would protect whistle blowers and encourage free speech. "Digital" was the campaign pledge of 2012.

    — Mulanja Nduu (@MulanjaNduu) May 16, 2018

    If someone feels defamed or wronged he can go to court, you don't chain a child from walking because he might get hurt, that's how technology should be, an interactive tool, not a muzzling instrument.

    — kot hacker (@kot_hacker) May 16, 2018

    @UKenyatta it seems like every passing day is blunder after blunder with you and those you surround yourself with. You truly don't give a damn about Kenyans, especially the youths of this country, not unless its a PR stunt you have been advised to pull...

    — Leon (@Leon_O_Ted) May 16, 2018

    I am yet to see a more useless administration that administers a chilling effect on Freedom of Expression to protect the elite class from being unearthed in their evil schemes. This law will be contested with much success.

    — CHRIS MASITTA, HSC (@CCmasitta) May 16, 2018

    Others highlighted other issues that they believe should have been a priority including the corruption menace in the country.

    When is gonna sign law to make corruption and misuse of public funds a capital offence punishable by death or shooting on a public places

    — GeorgeMoraraMomanyi (@gmoraramo) May 16, 2018

    I hope it fills also the potholes in the city and also helps fight corruption.

    — ZeroBrain (@ZeeroBrain) May 16, 2018

    Thank you for your information please tell him also to sponsor CORRUPTION FREE STATE BILL and sign else all other things are kilio cha chura

    — H.E. President of Ke (@Isaacmakone) May 16, 2018

    That's okay....... Let him keep it in the safe..... In this country they steal anything..... Now please tell him to go straight NYS HQs ....they have stolen all the money he borrowed. ...

    — Sir Festus. (@sirfestohh) May 16, 2018

    Tell your Boss ashike wezi wa NYS kwanza.. Savage Laws

    — ERICK BETT (@Erick_Ladama) May 16, 2018

    Laws and laws as looters carry away public money with none in jail. Money can create jobs, laws cannot put food on my table.

    — Ochieng Barasa (@OchiengBarasa) May 16, 2018

    Pls remind him that they are still looting from the youth he claims to represent.We are also waiting to see people being jailed for stealing and amassing wealth illegally.Going after bloggers is trying to silence whistleblowers who seem to be doing a better job than @EACCKenya

    — collins king (@collins_king01) May 16, 2018

    Another proposal was on the Head of State to assent The County Early Childhood Education Bill, 2014 that they feel would have greater impact for the country.

    Kindly Mr President Uhuru Kenyatta why don't you ascent to this Bill? This Bill if signed to law will provide a framework for the establishment of systems for the administration of Early Childhood Education within a County. This thing is overdue and it is time for your action. pic.twitter.com/6ncP8WxQjV

    — David Ochola (@DavidOcholaJnr) May 16, 2018

    Kindly President @UKenyatta why don't you sign The County Early Childhood Education Senate Bill 2014? We need that Bill out as soon as possible to help in streamlining this sector.

    — David Ochola (@DavidOcholaJnr) May 16, 2018