Abduba Dida Tasked by Kenyans With This New Responsibility

  • Former Presidential aspirant Abduba Dida has now been tasked by a section of Kenyans with the responsibility of heading the war against corruption cartels in the country.

    Dida had taken to Twitter questioning why the Kenyan youth were not rising against the continued brazen plunder and looting of public coffers by corrupt government officials.

    Irked by the recent Ksh9 Billion National Youth Service (NYS) scandal, Dida posed: "Why can't the youths stand up against this?"

    [caption caption="Abduba Dida"][/caption]

    "I have seen you coming out in thousands to demonstrate for a lesser cause. Now the money meant for you is being stolen and all you can do is tweet? 

    "You've got this millennials, you have the ability to stop this," Dida urged the youth who mainly face the brunt of the corrupt misdeeds to take action.

    "There are so many honest, ambitious and passionate youths in Kenya with the required experience and expertise to effectively run NYS. 

    "Can we please give the youths the opportunity to be in charge of departments that relate to them?" Dida queried.

    Kenyans across social media, however, now asked Dida to take charge and lead the youth in standing up against the galloping corruption incidences.

    I am ready to do this sir, call us out ... be our leader

    — Mr. Benitos Kim (@benitoskim) May 24, 2018

    You are also one of us mheshimiwa ,lead us on jamuhuri day for a massive rally and we shall all avail in large numbers

    — juki (@gichuki_ke) May 24, 2018

    You are youthful too come lead us!!!

    — Gushmulla (@mariera_joseph) May 24, 2018

    Muhesh lead us and see

    — dima wako (@wako_dima) May 24, 2018

    Advice us on what to do. Give us a signal. We are beaten hands down

    — emmanuel lekishon (@lekishonE) May 24, 2018

    I imagine of forums and dates be set in every city /town and we come up with organizers and talk about these issues that affect us regardless of our tribe and begin demonstrations against the oppressor, enough of us can shift POWER back to the people.

    — Kenyan Experience (@KenyanExperien2) May 24, 2018

    I concur with your say mwalimu.

    — Humphrey (@Humphre69803912) May 24, 2018

    what we lack right now is leadership

    — Acqulline (@aqulin001) May 24, 2018

    How are we going to do this

    — Josiah Mlai (@OngaiJosiah) May 24, 2018

    You are right mwalimu.Let them take on streets.

    — Hon.Tomsbay (@HonTomsbay) May 24, 2018

    Others, however, opined that the level of corruption witnessed in the country was clearly beyond salvage.

    You don't get it . Youth oppression is everywhere . They are after our blood . Our Energy with very little pay . No Job security or No job at all. Even the Youth service !!! They cant go after the police service or any other service.

    — Saeed Hamid (@SaidHamid14) May 24, 2018

    WE DID STAND UP pic.twitter.com/9aX752yhcj

    — aviator tosha (@aviatortosha) May 24, 2018

    Youths are hopeless,they are ever yapping when their money is looted..!

    georgenzambu@gmail.com (@Georgenzambugm1) May 24, 2018

    @mwalimu_dida the ideology that the current government is pro youth is a facade, what's been happening to date is a one big nightmare

    — NRM GENERAL (@thedissident17) May 24, 2018

    Mwalimu you are right,....I think it is time the elites stop using Kenyan youth problems to to still public funds meant to benefit them. Its sad to Kenyan youths who have skills and mind to better their lives and yet they cant even afford a meal. YOUTH REVOLUTION NEEDED.

    — Edwin Juma (@Jumaedwin04) May 24, 2018