Groom Killed Two Months to His Wedding Day

  • Mike Ochido would still be planning for his wedding, which was to happen two months from now, but his dream to see his fiancee walk down the aisle was cut short by assailants. 

    Ochido was brutally murdered in their house in Manyatta estate in Kisumu after assailants broke into the house.

    According to reports, he was stabbed several times by the attackers, who are also claimed to have stolen their electronic goods, including a television set.

    At the time of his attack, his fiancee had travelled to Nakuru for a job interview. 

    Speaking to The Standard, Maryanne Onyango, the late's fiancee expressed: "I am still dumbstruck on why they had to kill him. He was a humble person who never entered into any altercations with anyone."

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    She added that they both had been looking forward to their union, with Ochido already having visited her family for the introduction ceremony.

    Onyango mentioned: "He had planned to come and pay dowry on July 7, ahead of our wedding, which we had set for August 25."

    The mother of one, who was sobbing uncontrollably as the family waited for the post-mortem examination, highlighted that Ochido had accepted her child from her previous union and loved both of them equally. 

    Ochido's parents have called on the police to help speed up investigations and find the attackers.

    Monica Atieno, Ochido's mother noted that she had lost the sole breadwinner of her family, whom she described as a focused young man.

    "I used to live in a grass thatched house after his father died, but he built me a house. I was looking forward to seeing him start a future with his wife," she exclaimed.

    Kisumu County Commander John Kamau has since noted that five suspects have been arrested in connection with the killing, and would be charged with murder.

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