Matatu Operators Rough Up Student for Defending Woman [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

A video of matatu operators roughing up a student on the Thika Superhighway has attracted the attention of police.

According to reports, the tout assaulted a mother of two for refusing to squeeze to allow excess passengers on-board and a student who intervened was roughed up.

In the short clip shared online, the student states that he knows what he is doing amid the melee.

[caption caption="Photo of the tout who allegedly assaulted the student"][/caption]

The matatu is registered under Nagiru Sacco and sought comments from the Sacco's chairman Mr Mweu.

"I am not aware of the incident but I will look into the matter," he stated.

This is not the first case of assault reported against matatu operators as early this year, a man named Felix Mwiringa allegedly attacked and injured a passenger at the Meru matatu terminus in the CBD.

Initially, reports indicated that he had connections with top officers in the National Police Service.

In May, a matatu conductor operating the Mwiki-Kasarani route is said to have been beaten to death by his colleagues for allegedly overcharging passengers.

Julius Kamau was allegedly assaulted by officers from the Mwiki Sacco Limited (MSL) for charging passengers Ksh100 instead of the normal Ksh80 fare.

The MSL officers are alleged to have assaulted Kamau accusing him of tarnishing the Sacco’s name after asking customers how much they were charged.

Here is the video of the tout fighting with the student:

@kot @Ma3Route @KenyanTraffic @bonifacemwangi @NelsonHavi @EtalePhilip @PoliceKE @KTNNews @RobertAlai @hrw @ntvkenya So these guys assaulted a mother for not moving her kids to allow for excess passengers and in turn right minded people who protested the act got assaulted badly

— Otieno O'Mokaya (@itsotienomokaya) May 24, 2018

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