PS Lillian Mbogo Omollo's Remarks That Infuriated MPs During NYS Scandal Grilling

  • Public Service and Youth Principal Secretary (PS) Lillian Mbogo Omollo has infuriated some Members of Parliament (MP) who were grilling her over the NYS scandal.

    The PS, who was appearing before the Public Accounts Committee, denied claims that Ksh9 Billion was lost at the National Youth Service (NYS).

    A seemingly composed PS Mbogo indicated: "As to whether Ksh9 billion has been lost, it is not possible.

    [caption caption="Lillian Mbogo Omollo"][/caption]

    While indicating that it was not entirely impossible for money to be stolen from the institution, Mbogo indicated that the Auditor General could not have missed such a glaring abnormality.

    "If the Auditor General office would miss the loss of Ksh9 billion from an institution, then we should question the entire framework of the institutions that hold us to account.

    The remarks, however, irked the MPs with Kiharu legislator Ndindi Nyoro strongly criticising her over the controversial remarks.

    "PS you cannot come and tell the public that NYS is clean when we have seen some people go to DCI and confess of being paid Ksh60 million for supplying air to NYS.

    "If NYS is as clean as you claim, I would like to know what DPP, DCI and all the other investigative authorities are doing in your institution.

    "Are they (investigative authorities) at NYS on a fishing expedition, are they there to waste taxpayers time, I believe they zeroed-in on NYS for a reason," an infuriated Nyoro posed.

    On her part, the PS indicated that her stepping aside should not be interpreted as giving up but a bid to allow an objective investigation into the NYS Scandal.

    [caption caption="PS Mbogo with President Uhuru"][/caption]

    "I don't think amidst the noise and the clamour it would be very easy for the investigating officers to objectively probe the matter," the PS concluded.

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