WhatsApp Images Will Not Appear in Your Gallery

Users of WhatsApp Beta will now have an option to select whether they want their WhatsApp media to appear in their gallery or not.

The new option will be found under Data and Storage Usage under the submenu, Media Visibility.

All sorts of content are usually shared on WhatsApp groups and at times users have a difficult time controlling what appears in their gallery since deleting one by one might be tedious.

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Users of the regular version will also enjoy the feature once it is officially rolled out.

Alongside the media visibility feature, WhatsApp is also working on a group calls feature for both video calls and audio calls.

The feature was first spotted on May 18 and it is believed that once it leaves Beta, it will be rolling out to all users.

The group calls will work similarly to how conference calls work where you initiate a call with one person and then you can invite others to the call.

This applies both to the voice calls and video calls.

For those using iPads, WhatsApp will also be rolling a standalone app for iPad.

According to WhatsApp Beta Info, WhatsApp for iPad is simply WhatsApp Web-based, thus you will not require a SIM card on your iPad for it to work.

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