War on Corruption Shifts to Counties

Just hours after 12 more NYS scandal suspects surrendered to the police, DCI boss George Kinoti sounded an alarm to all governors.

He stated that the war on corruption will shift to counties and those found to have embezzled funds will be put under the microscope.

“We have said that enough is enough and we are widening our web. Any accounting officer out there should be ready for us.

“And it is not only the counties, all institutions where public funds are used should wait for us. They won’t know the time or the hour. But we are going for them," he remarked.

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Recently, Homa Bay governor Cyprian Awiti was put on the spot over a Ksh72 million unsecured car and mortgage loan advanced to Ward Representatives in his county four years ago.

The governor was put to task by a Senate watchdog committee on how the decision to give the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) funds to purchase vehicles and houses was reached.

Auditor General Edward Ouko in his 2014/2015 report poked holes in the manner the funds were released, pointing out that a Loans and Mortgage Board had not been formed for the purpose of managing the funds as required by law.

Elsewhere, on Thursday, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua called for a lifestyle audit of all leaders in the wake of the financial scandals that have rocked the country.

Mutua said the audit should start from Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, Senators and all senior civil servants.

“Those who will fail to explain how they acquired their fabulous wealth should have the property confiscated and returned to the people of Kenya who are the rightful owners,” he asserted.

He was speaking in Machakos Town outside a popular eatery after having lunch with locals and discussing current affairs with them.

The governor added that it was absurd that some Kenyans own planes and thousands of acres yet they earn modest salaries.

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