Youth Attack MP Benjamin Washiali's Car

A group of youth on Friday morning smashed the car windows of Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali in Kakamega County.

The rowdy group disrupted a procession taking the body of Brown Tsuma Muganda for viewing claiming that it was not part of the plan.

They stormed the home of Linet Muganda who is the MP's sister and when he (Washiali) tried to intervene by sending his aide, the youth smashed the windows of his car.

[caption caption="Photo of Washiali's Car"][/caption]

Reports indicate that a pistol belonging to Washiali's bodyguard was also stolen but was later found dumped within the compound.

However, 15 bullets were missing.

The MP divulged: “What has happened is unfortunate and police should investigate and arrest those involved in the chaos."

Relatives of the deceased wanted to take his body to Ms Linet's home, his sister-in-law, for public viewing and then take it to his new home for burial.

Tsuma had shared the home with his late brother, Joshua Ouya Muganda, who was Linet’s husband.

After Mr Ouya’s death in January this year, his relatives wanted to exclude Linet from the burial arrangements but she successfully petitioned the court to allow her to stay in the property and bury her husband contrary to their wishes.

Incidents of disagreement during burial ceremonies are common in the country as families battle over where a body should be buried and conflict often arises when traditions are not followed.

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