Four Killed After Bus Plunges Into Ditch

Four people were killed on Friday after a 41-seater bus plunged into a ditch at Kwa Solo in Makueni County.

Several others were injured after the Achievers Academy School Bus that was headed to Nairobi plunged into a deep ditch in a sharp corner by the roadside.

According to Mbooni West OCPD Mathew Ngwio, the injured were taken to Tawa and Mbooni hospitals.

The incident happened on the Kikima-Machakos road.

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“We suspect that the driver was new to this road hence the loss of control into the known killer trench that claimed more than ten lives in 2016 fatal road accident”, he said, adding that they were coming from a burial ceremony.

In 2016, following consistent fatal accidents in the notorious ditch, locals staged demonstrations for the road to be diverted to avoid the deep trench, and reduce a sharp corner along the road.

Nonetheless, the then National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officials assured the residents that the concerned bodies will move in to map the killer section of the road afresh.  

Motorists and residents recently asked the government to put up guard rails at the spot to limit such incidents.

Elsewhere, NTSA sounded a warning concerning the new Smart Driving License over individuals who are conning unsuspecting Kenyans under the authority's name.

A statement issued last week, read in part: "the authority wishes to inform members of the public that NTSA does not transact its services through any individual and Mr Nishal is unknown to the Authority."

The authority revealed that the alleged impostor has been operating under mobile number 0722795103 and 0786883500.

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