Missing Fly540 Plane Signals Located

  • Phone signals from the FlySax plane that went missing on Tuesday night have been located in the Aberdares.

    According to Kenya Wildlife Services Assistant Director in charge of Mountain Areas, Simon Gitau, search operations will be concentrated around Kinangop area.

    Reports also indicate that the aerial hunt for the plane was frustrated by bad weather that has been experienced in the area.

    Gitau further disclosed that a section of the rescue team was waiting to be airlifted from Njambini playground to the search area at 7 am on Wednesday.

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    Families and the next of kin of passengers and crew members of the missing plane have been asked to convene at Weston Hotel to be given more information.

    "At present, the East Africa Safari Air Express has no knowledge of the location or condition of the aircraft or its occupants.

    “Relatives and next of kin (of the passengers and crew) can convene at Weston Hotel for more information." the airline said in the statement.

    The missing Cesna C208 craft, registration number 5Y-CAC, was flying from a Kitale airstrip in Trans-Nzoia County when it lost contact with the control tower at 5 pm on Tuesday in the Aberdares.

    According to statements released, the plane was some 60 kilometres from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where it was scheduled to land.

    The plane left Kitale shortly after 4 pm with eight passengers and two crew members on board and was expected in Nairobi about an hour later.

    [caption caption="Signals from missing a FlySax plane located"][/caption]

    A statement from the airline acknowledged its aircraft was indeed missing but combined efforts of KCAA, Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) and the Air Accident Investigation Division of Kenya (AAID), had been going on to locate it.