FIFA to Give FKF Ksh600 Million Over 4 Years

  • FIFA has on Tuesday announced that it will give a $1.5 Million (Ksh150 Million) annual grant to all 211 member federations including Football Kenya Federation (FKF) over the next four years totalling to $6 Million (Ksh600 Million).

    The funds are meant to be chanelled towards development of football in the respective nations.

    The figure is a 20 percent increase on what was previously being given, with FIFA President Gianni Infantino hailing the improved financial health of the governing body.

    At the FIFA Congress in Russia, it was also announced that the United States of America (USA), Mexico and Canada would host the 2026 World Cup.

    The joint bid beat that of Morocco as member federations voted 134-65.

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    FKF President Nick Mwendwa had previously promised that Kenya would fully support Morroco's bid.

    FIFA's head of Finance Thomas Peyer told delegates gathered in Moscow that income from broadcasting rights would add up to 53 percent of FIFA’s budgeted income of $6.56 billion over the next four years.

    Infantino made it official that we would seek re-election at the hotly contested poll to be held in June next year.

    He was elected in February 2016, nine months after American and Swiss federal prosecutors unearthed shocking revelations on bribery and corruption linked to senior FIFA officials.

    Infantino stated that under his watch, FIFA had transformed from being 'clinically dead as an organization' to being 'alive and well'.

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