Bodaboda Riders Spill Oil on City Roads in Protest

A section of bodaboda riders spilled oil on University Way and Slip Road on Wednesday evening in protest of their eviction from the CBD.

This caused the roads to be slippery and although no major accidents were reported, county fire engines were called in to clean the affected roads.

Police arrested some of the riders who were involved in the protest that led to a snarl up.

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This comes just two days after Nairobi County officers arrested 60 riders in the CBD for flouting traffic rules.

In the new set of rules developed by the County administration in conjunction with the boda-boda association, the riders' operations have been limited to the outskirts of the CBD. 

The Nairobi City County last Thursday listed a number of tough rules for all bodaboda riders and passengers in a move to reduce the number of accidents.

The city centre is now a no-go zone for the bodaboda riders and the only roads to be used are; Kirinyaga Road, University Way, Uhuru Highway, Hailesellasie Avenue and Racecourse Road.

Any passenger who will be found on a bodaboda within CBD will be arrested together with the rider.

The riders were also warned against riding on the wrong side and they will be allowed to carry only one passenger at a time.

Riding on pavements has also been outlawed and the riders will now be required to have an identification badge and plate with their membership number.

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