50 Students Involved in Gruesome Bus Crash

  • Over 50 students and their teachers narrowly escaped death after a bus they were traveling in was involved in an accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

    According to reports, three teachers and one student from Starshine Blue School in Kiambu were seriously injured during the mid-morning accident in Raini trading center, near Naivasha.

    Additionally, the 20 other students who were wounded got treated and some discharged from Naivasha sub-county hospital. 

    [caption caption="File image of one of the victims wheeled to the theater at the Naivasha sub county Hospital"][/caption]

    The accident happened after the bus, which was destined for Nakuru National Park, developed mechanical problems and veered off the road landing on its side.

    There were conflicting reports over the cause of the accident as some students accused the driver of speeding and overtaking carelessly. 

    A witness James Njoroge noted that the bus was on high speed when the accident occurred adding that the driver could have been new to the route.

    He added that the bus, on hitting some speed bumps along the route, lost control and started swaying from one side of the road to the other.

    "It is good luck that there were no other vehicles on the road at that time as the bus swerved from one side to other before crashing on its side," the witness noted.

    Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that those injured were in a stable condition at the sub-county hospital.

    He termed the accident as self-involving adding that the driver had recorded a statement at Naivasha Police Station where the wreck of the bus had been towed to.

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