Video of Timmy Tdat's Arrest

Popular Kenyan musician Timmy Tdat was arrested on Friday afternoon in Parklands.

In a video seen by, the artiste was arrested while getting into his car which had been parked on Muthithi Road.

Here is the video:

Timmy Tdat is being arrested right now on Muthithi Road (not sure what he has done) the cops are being super aggressive though

— Social Experiment (@MediaMK) June 15, 2018

The circumstances surrounding his arrest are still unclear.

Last month, the musician found himself in a complicated situation after he allegedly featured an MP's daughter in his music video.

According to Mseto East Africa, one of the vixens used in the video is the daughter of a prominent legislator whose identity remains anonymous.

It is understood that after having a snippet of the video, the said MP reached out to the Kasabun rapper asking him to edit out the parts in which his law student daughter features.

Timmy, however, stated that he had already spent a fortune on the video and had to be compensated in case he was to edit out any parts.

“I’ll release the video as I have invested so much money in it. Plus, I contracted an agency and they came with the vixens.

"You can’t ask too many questions when it comes to videos. All I know is that the models are contracted from a modelling agency, so I had no way of knowing who she really was on set," he was quoted by Nairobi News.

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