Saboti MP Wants Small Planes Stopped From Flying Passengers

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi is set to table a bill that will seek to bar small planes from carrying passengers.

This comes just a week after 10 people lost their lives when a FlySax plane crashed in the Aberdares.

Speaking during the burial of two of the victims; Sakaraia Mataka and his son Paul Mataka, the legislator noted that the planes are light and that may contribute to the mishaps it faces mid-air.

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"I am a frequent traveller of this could be because of the lightweight that caused a mishap forcing the plane to crash.

"The best thing we can do as leaders is to get rid of them," he remarked.

The two (Sakaria and Paul) were missionaries and had been living in Kenya for the past ten years.

The deceased's widow Serafina Mataka eulogised her husband and son as people who were passionate about God's work.

"I have always known my husband and son as men of faith who were passionate sharing God's word with anyone," she stated.

Fiji's ambassador to Kenya General Mosese Tikoitoga who was present at the funeral also condoled the family. 

"Their death is a big loss to Fiji because they were great servants of God. The country’s leadership also sends condolences to the family," Tikoitonga said.

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