Police Searching for Blogger Robert Alai After He Stormed Weekly Citizen Premises

  • Blogger Robert Alai on Thursday became a wanted man after assault charges were filed against him by tabloid newspaper Weekly Citizen.

    Mr Alai is accused of storming the publication's premises and causing damage worth thousands of shillings in broken laptops, printers and scanners on June 19.

    He is said to have been enraged by an article the publication put out claiming that he had extorted the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) over a negative story.

    The Star reports that the blogger allegedly demanded Ksh400,000 not to publish a series of negative stories on his various online platforms.

    [caption caption="Blogger Robert Alai causes a stir in the street during a past run-in with authorities"][/caption]

    Accompanied by his lawyer Winston Ngaira, one of the paper's editors Tom Alwaka filed the complaint, OB 84, that caused the police to launch a search for the blogger.

    Central Police Station OCPD Robinson Thuku confirmed the facts of the case conveying that the police would bring in Alai for questioning.

    The blogger has been arrested a number of times before over various defamation suits filed against him.

    In many of the occasions, complaints were launched over stories published on a website he owns "Kahawa Tungu".

    During the 2017 General Election campaign season, the blogger claimed that Raila Odinga Junior, son to Opposition leader Raila Odinga, had threatened to kill him.

    The politician 's son later denied the claims stating that he and the blogger did not share anything in common and he had only met him twice before.

    [caption caption="Blogger Robert Alai shares podium with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House"][/caption]