Alicia Keys Recognizes Gracious Amani - Githurai Girl Who Sang Her Song

American singer Alicia Keys has finally reacted to the video of Gracious Amani, the Kenyan girl who covered her song “Girl on Fire.

In a post on her Instagram and Twitter accounts on Wednesday, Alicia Keys expressed how impressed she was by Amani who went viral on social media two weeks ago.

"Look at this beautiful soul!! SHINE!!!!" the American singer wrote on her Instagram account where she posted Amani's video.

Alicia's fans on Twitter expressed their love for Amani's voice and her composure and urged the American singer to work with the young girl.

[caption caption="American singer Alicia Keys on the set of the Voice show where she is a coach"][/caption]

Amani recently teamed up with singer Vivian and the two hit the studio where they are working on a song together. Vivian's manager Sam West also indicated that they would manage her career.

Sam West stated: “They are recording a song together then they will shoot a video for the same. The girl has shown interest in music and Vivian is more than willing to mentor her through her musical career.”

Speaking exclusively to, West disclosed that the song Vivian was doing with Amani was ready for release.

"She is in school and we are waiting for her to finish her exams then we shoot the video," Sam who is Vivian's manager and fiancé stated.

The initial video of Amani covering Girl on Fire was shared by Brit Chantel who was doing charity work with the Fountain Youth group in Githurai, Nairobi where Amani lives with her family.

“So before I came to Kenya I decided to try and limit my social media usage to be present and really take in this amazing experience with our InfluenceHerscrew but we’re coming to an end and I had to post this beautiful moment!!” Chantel wrote.

“While finishing up one of our service projects with Fountain Youth this little girl came up to us as we were leaving and asked to sing a song. Then she blew us away" she added.

Here is Amani's interview with