Uproar After Kapenguria Boys School Kicks Out Student Over Fees Balance

  • The humiliating kicking out of a student by Kapenguria Boys High School over fees arrears has sparked social media outrage.

    This is after photos circulated showing the boy by the name of Mathew Kibet bundled out of the institution with all his belongings including a mattress, blankets, and a metal suitcase box.

    Kenyans across social media were angered by the incident given that photos from the incident showed that the boy hailed from a humble background.

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    Besides, netizens cited documents from the institution which showed Kibet owed the school a whooping Ksh109,902 which some felt that he should be let to clear the balance in instalments.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, however, the West Pokot county education director Jared Obiero noted that although the social media may shift the blame towards the school management, sometimes Principals have no choice but taking tough actions.

    "Going by the current Ministry of Education directives, the students are supposed to pay a total of Ksh120,000 per year,

    "Given that the boy has arrears amounting to Ksh109,000 what does that mean? Essentially, the form 2 student has not been paying anything to the institution," Obiero concluded.

    The education boss further noted that although such decisions may appear cruel at face value, having several such huge arrear cases in a school can greatly cripple the operations.

    "Imagine having ten, twenty such cases as a Principal, soon you will not be able to provide basic things like food to the students," he opined.

    In his view, social media should not only be used to castigate such cases but to make positive intervention including pooling funds.

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    "Imagine if all of us came together and made our little contribution towards this needy boy. We would definitely make a difference, I would be in for such a course," Obiero indicated.

    Coincidentally, a popular philanthropist and social advocate, Ndungu Nyoro, has already embarked on a fund drive for Kibet through his Facebook page.

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