Islamic State (ISIS) Leaders Arrested in Kenya

The police have arrested Waleed Ahmed Zein and Halima Adan Ali in Nairobi, Kenya over alleged terrorism facilitation conduits for the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to police, the duo had established an intricate Islamic State financial facilitation network spanning across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Eastern Africa.

Investigations have established that Waleed made huge sums of direct deposits into his account that the money was emanating from an auto spares company owned by his father Ahmed Zain Ahmed.

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Police investigations point to the possibility that Waleed, in the period between early 2017 and June 2018, had transacted over Ksh 15 million through a Kenyan bank.

In the Eastern African region, Waleed and Halima were the terror group’s bigwigs with regards to financial facilitation.

However, to disguise his activities in Kenya, Waleed worked as a long-distance truck driver which enabled him to visit a number of countries in East Africa. 

He is also claimed to have ventured into tuk-tuk business in Mombasa, which he used to recruit members for the group. 

Additionally, security agencies note that Halima is an extremist recruiter and facilitator renowned as the main coordinator of the new recruits. 

Between mid-2017 and early 2018, Halima went on to receive large sums of money, mostly through Hawala systems, from various parts of the world and would forward the same to ISIS fighters based in Syria, Libya, and DRC Congo.

Police say investigations had identified various transactions including names and account numbers conducted by Halima which would assist in prosecution.

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