These Will Be the Colors of National School Uniform

  • The debate on the plan to have a common colour for the all the schools has moved a notch higher after details emerged on the colours of the proposed school uniform.

    Speaking to KTN News, Kenya Parents Association (KPA) chairman Nicholas Maiyo indicated that their proposal to the Education Ministry was to have a royal blue uniform for all the primary schools.

    On the other hand, Maiyo indicated that they had also proposed that all high schools will wear a grey uniform with the school emblem being the differentiating factor.

    [caption caption="A royal blue sweater"][/caption]

    Going by the current school dress code, the two colours are likely to feature on the trousers and skirts of the national uniforms.

    "As parents, we are concerned with the safety of our children. This is one of the reasons that prompted us to seek a common uniform," the KPA chairman stated.

    In his view, its high time that the country adopts a common uniform given that the recent repainting of the school buses has restored sanity in the school transport sector.

    The decision was reached after a one-week workshop hosted by the parents’ association in Machakos County in early July.

    According to Maiyo, the new recommendations will see all girls' uniforms reach below the knee - a matter that once raised controversy after a section of high school girls rioted opposing the proposal.

    The parents also proposed single-sourced uniforms preferably from Rivatex Uniforms - a leading school uniform manufacturer in the country.

    Maiyo noted that the move will get rid of cartels that have penetrated the education sector by either providing inferior quality or overpricing the uniforms.

    [caption caption="A grey trouser"][/caption]

    A similar single-sourcing move by the Education Ministry alleviated parents the burden of buying overpriced and at times counterfeit books which were supplied by cartels in the education sector.