Judge Orders Arrest of ACK Bishop, Joseph Kagunda

  • Police launched a manhunt for a popular man of God after a court issued the order.

    On Wednesday, a Nyeri Judge ordered for the arrest Bishop Joseph Kagunda of ACK Mt Kenya West Diocese for disobeying court orders.

    Lady Justice Abigail Mshila who made the ruling declared that Bishop Kagunda will be charged with contempt of court.

    When appearing before the Nyeri High Court in March the Bishop distanced himself from a tribunal that had recommended suspension of three priests from pastoral duties over homosexuality.

    [caption caption="Anglican Church Mt Kenya West Diocese Bishop Joseph Kagunda"][/caption]

    The bishop told the court he only communicated and implemented the findings of the tribunal.

    While testifying in a defamation case filed against him by Archdeacon John Gachau, the Bishop stated: “I appointed Canon Wilfred Nderitu Gichuki together with Humphrey Irungu and Godfrey Wanjohi as members of the tribunal. Canon Gichuki was the chair and I went by their findings.”  

    The tribunal found Gachau guilty of the sexual offence and bishop Kagunda proceeded to revoke his license to officiate at church services.

    Bishop Kagunda told the court that he never sat in the tribunal but only communicated its findings and recommendation to Archdeacon Gachau and also to the congregation at the Church Cathedral in Nyeri town.

    [caption caption="Bishop Kagunda with Committee members of the ACK church"][/caption]

    He further stated that informing the worshipers was under the guidance of the two constitutions of the church named the Diocesan and the Provincial, contrary to Gachau’s claim that the communication methods amounted to defamation.

    Gachau’s lawyer David Onsare put the bishop to task after it was established that the bishop had no powers to appoint anybody else as chairman of the tribunal.