Kogelo Residents Disappointed After Barack Obama Failed to Address Them

  • Former US President Barack Obama's visit to his father's birthplace has angered most of Nyanza residents as he did not address them directly. 

    According to residents of Kogelo Village and those of the surrounding towns, they were disappointed that their celebrated son left without addressing them. 

    The villagers who had gathered outside Sauti Kuu Resource Center had waited for more than eight hours hoping to be addressed by the former president after the official ceremony, in vain. 

    [caption caption="President Barrack Obama together with his sister Dr Auma Obama touring Sauti Kuu resource center"][/caption]

    The presence of the crowd led to Obama's motorcade opting to use the rear gate from Sauti Kuu as he evaded the masses.

    Ms Mary Awuor lamented: "We are disappointed that after spending more than nine hours here, it was in vain. We never came to beg, but just to see our son and greet him."

    Despite nursery, primary and secondary school students from Senator Obama schools lining up outside the center to have a glimpse of the former president, their efforts were in vain. 

    "This was not a visit to the village because Obama just addressed dignitaries at the expense of villagers. I came from Kisumu, and I wished to see him and just hear a word from him. This is too bad," Mr Norman Odongo told Nation

    Unlike in 2006 when Mr Obama spoke to the public at Senator Obama Primary School, the situation was different on Monday.

    "We are trying but I have to admit it's so hard because of the tight security. They don't allow us to move freely," Ms Benta Juma also stated.

    Earlier on Monday, there was drama and excitement after some villagers attempted to storm Sauti Kuu center, where President Obama was attending the official launch of the resource facility. 

    However, the crowds were barred from accessing the institution by the General Service Unit (GSU) officers who were present. 

    [caption caption="Kogelo resident waiting outside Sauti Kuu resource center"][/caption]