GOtv, Sportpesa, KPLC Paybill Numbers

  • Paybill numbers are just unfairly left out among basic needs but they hang around the lives of Kenyans given the rise of mobile money transfer services.

    The introduction of Pay TV, the unending demand for internet services, power bills and banking are just but a few of the services that leave many looking for paybill numbers.

    Those who take the readily available mobile money loans also have to service their debts using mobile paybill numbers, thanks to having money readily accessible on phone.

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    GOtv Mpesa paybill number, 423655, is one of the most searched and saves thousands of family content entertainment lovers. Away from making a search on the internet, customers take it to social media to find the paybill number from the horse's mouth.

    When paying for subscription via Mpesa, you are required to input the IUC (unique number under every decoder) as your account number.

    Another number most Kenyans search for is DSTV Pay bill number which is 444900. Customers pay by using the DStv smart card number as their account number.

    In this case, only the first 10 digits of the card number should be used.

    Startimes services also rely on Mpesa paybill No. 585585 just that here, one uses the complete Startimes SmartCard number as the account number when paying for their subscription.

    After making the payments, a confirmation message is sent by the Startimes team and Mpesa to confirm the payment was made successfully.

    Kenya Power processes at least 200,000 electronic charge transactions every day for Kenyans.

    Interestingly, 85 percent of these payments are done through the Mpesa pay bill number 888880 for tokens or 888888 for those billed on a monthly basis.

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    When making the payment, the Meter Number is used as the account number. Upon making a successful purchase, KPLC sends one a token activation code and the number of units awarded for the amount paid.

    One is then required to key in the code onto the prepaid meter kit.

    You probably need to have the Kenya Power paybill number with you for it will save you from a blackout. More to that, always remember to check tokens balance and top up.

    Kenyans engaging in betting should probably have some of the gaming sites paybill numbers at their fingertips.

    One of the most popular of these is Sportpesa where clients load their accounts using Mpesa paybill number 955100 or alternatively 955700.

    With some money on phone, they easily go for a fortune by an easy step top up to their Sportpesa accounts.

    Here, the account number used is the name ‘SPORTPESA’ and the systems automatically pick the deposited amount to the account linked to the Mpesa number used to make the payment.

    Mpesa also allows various banks customers to bank from their phones using these numbers.

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    For instance, the Pay-bill number for Co-Operative Bank is 400200. To deposit cash from Mpesa to your Co-op account, you key in the paybill no and use your bank account number.

    One can also find various paybill numbers for several other banks by dialing *234# and selecting Business Numbers in the dialogue box that appears.

    Equity Bank Mpesa paybill services on (No. 247247) can take deposits to bank account numbers or Equitel account numbers.

    If you owe the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), the Mpesa Paybill number 200800 stays up to help you start paying your dues.

    Your national ID number is required as the account number so as to ensure HELB payments only cover your loan.

    Recently, Kenyans have taken up the habit of seeking financial help from mobile loan applications. Some of the most popular are Tala, Branch, Utunzi, Stawika among others.

    For instance, if Tala loan reminders are giving you a headache, it's time to pay up using paybill number 851900)to get off the hook.

    Alternatively, if Branch is your go-to mobile lender, you can repay the loan using Mpesa through paybill number 998608 to increase your credit score.

    Mpesa also comes in handy when you are saving to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). The NHIF Mpesa paybill No 200222 will help you make timely remittances using your ID numbers as the account number.

    Other equally important paybill numbers include:

    KCB Mpesa-522522

    Nairobi Water-444400

    Betin Kenya-997270

    Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)- 57252

    Zuku Fiber- 320320