Ksh10 Billion Proposal for DPP Haji Stirs Online Debate

  • A proposal to assign the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji a Ksh10 billion annual budget has sparked a heated online debate.

    Renown city Ahmednasir Abdullahi had asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to furnish the office of the DPP should be with more money to enhance its capacity to deliver in the spirited fight against corruption.

    "DPP Noordin Haji needs an annual budget of Ksh10 billion to effectively fight high-grade corruption. Kenya can afford that. Give it to him," the Senior Counsel had suggested.

    [caption caption="Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji in a past event"][/caption]

    However, a section of Kenyans differed with Ahmednasir indicating that the office of Haji was doing okay with the current allocation.

    But in what reflects increased trust in the independent role of the DPP's to carry out high-profile prosecutions such as the ongoing scandals, Kenyans applauded Haji and his team.

    why should we be thinking in terms of money? The Office of the DPP is doing some excellent job with the available resources, you should rather encourage other state organs and department to minimize on their expenditure and instead the money channeled to other developments!

    — J A C K (@Agollajack) July 18, 2018

    How about giving his department 20% of recovered loot?.. that can be good motivation to the prosecutors working with him!.. the rest goes to the exchequer

    — Alex Malome (@Amalome) July 18, 2018

    Just transfer the entire @EACCKenya budget to @ODPP_KE n add afew quid.Period!!!

    — Eric Mosoti (@mosotih) July 18, 2018

    Hajj deserves. Atleast he's doing https://t.co/lp7ztbSfVM other time in Kenya we ever saw so many big fish in our courts.

    — Mwass (@Mwass14933274) July 18, 2018

    Very true. If theft is in the range of 500 billion it's only reasonable to use 10 to save at least 400. Cost effectiveness

    — Muhia mwaura (@Zacharymwaura) July 18, 2018

    True if @ODPP_KE get enough budgetary allocation they can hire the best prosecutors and remunerate them well and this would assist them handle all corrupt cases .

    — Edwin Onzere (@edonzere) July 18, 2018

    The only thing he need is salary increment , best security in the country and better witness protection system for his witness which government can offer . 10b will destabilize those working with him

    — Lroy (@_DavidLeRoy_) July 18, 2018

    Of course there's possibility he will need to hire lawyers,,,I guess that's the point you are making with those figures

    — charles mugane (@mugane01) July 18, 2018

    Am ashamed of being a Kenyan,this corruption is demonic in nature, I wonder why we protect these thieves.We can't afford to be waking up every morning and getting news about corruption.

    — Socrates (@Socrate70901389) July 18, 2018

    whatever it takes, he must be prioritised. we need normalcy in Kenya

    — K Patrick (@a19cfbbe0c93474) July 18, 2018

    Let us give @ODPP_KE target. Every successful convinction and recovery of looted funds, his team get 5% (moral support) and 10% extra to his budget. Balance of 85% shared between Asset Recovery Authority, EACC, NPS,FRC, Judiciary and Govt (citizens for development only)

    — Kimani Peter (@Pettikim) July 18, 2018

    Amid sarcastic reactions and humorous remarks, Kenyans blamed other independent institutions in the government including EACC, the Legislature and the Judiciary for what they perceived as failure to support the war against graft.

    Apewe...we can do without half of the Parliamentarians.

    — MkenyaTrue. (@ItsFrankM2) July 18, 2018

    Is this your sound, sober and most appropriate solution to the continued ineffectiveness of government organs, in fighting graft?

    — Eugene Owade (@owade_eugene) July 18, 2018

    EACÇ be disbanded & it's budget relocated to Nordin

    — Caleb Kinara Ogamba (@CalebOgamba) July 18, 2018

    We can double that if he goes for KRA and senior DOD thieves.

    — kinoti wa Mwirigi (@mkenyharisi) July 18, 2018

    Unfortunately the allocations are done by the same corrupt individuals he will be fighting so this can not happen

    — Health Manager (@HealthManager3) July 18, 2018

    I agree.Judiciary and EACC too. Some of that PSC budget should be slashed and given to DPP, EACC and Judiciary

    — Patrick Mburu (@patrickmburu) July 18, 2018

    It's the judiciary who's letting Kenyans down. All these corrupt people should be remanded without bail pending hearings and trials.

    — Community (@kiaberjowadu) July 18, 2018

    Others, however, expressed the need for DPP Haji and his team to be given time to prove their resilience in the fight through successful trials and convictions of corruption masterminds.

    Yet another group blamed the electorate for not only protecting those suspected of graft but also voting them in office.

    We want to see some economic sabotage thugs jailed b4 thinking of adding any other resources to the office of Dpp.

    — JACKBILLIONARE (@jackbillionare) July 18, 2018

    He needs no budget. DO you need any money to investigate "air suppliers". AKINA Kabura and all that Ngiritas is #Corruption - you just need a jail.

    — Steve Munyao (@steve_stevavo) July 18, 2018

    The problem is that @ODPP_KE does not have experienced lawyers,this really make the work difficult, I therefore support such allocation in order to hire lawyers like @ahmednasirlaw,@MboyaApollo,and others who can ensure thieves are locked behind bars

    — Jack Ouko (@JackOuko1) July 18, 2018

    Let's see the jail birds first....most of what we see may just be sophisticated PR

    — Rose Seremon (@rsturere) July 18, 2018

    How can it be a sophisticated PR when the accused will never hold a public office again.Unless the gullible citizens gives them a second chance by electing thieves.

    — bakir mohamed (@bakirmohamed2) July 18, 2018

    Waiguru was elected by us the gullible wananchi.She could have not been appointed to any government office.

    — bakir mohamed (@bakirmohamed2) July 18, 2018

    Boss, that's Kenya for you - if we elected suspected INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS who by then were facing serious charges of genocide, mass rape, forceful relocation of persons etc etc, Fred Kapondi of the Sabaot Land Defence Force was first elected while in prison, Sonko !!

    — Isurusi Yebumarachi (@isurusi254) July 18, 2018

    10bkwani iyo pesa itatumika kubribe culprits wakuje kotini ama

    — Huncho (@Huncho_D_) July 18, 2018

    Its all about the goodwill and cooperation from everyone without defending the corrupt like you are used to.

    — Maxwell (@njerumaxwell_KE) July 18, 2018

    How can it be a sophisticated PR when the accused will never hold a public office again.Unless the gullible citizens gives them a second chance by electing thieves.

    — bakir mohamed (@bakirmohamed2) July 18, 2018

    Let him put his request to parliament. We will support him.

    — Richard kamau (@Richard12698919) July 18, 2018

    How about he gets the funds from the asset and recovery institution?

    — bandarello (@TheBandarello) July 18, 2018

    Reports of underfunding in the office of the DPP have in the past been blamed for poor prosecution procedures and at times low conviction rate in the courts.