Ksh10 Billion Proposal for DPP Haji Stirs Online Debate

  • By Paul Wanjama on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 - 6:51pm
    Here's Why
    DPP Noordin Haji Twitter
  • A proposal to assign the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji a Ksh10 billion annual budget has sparked a heated online debate.

    Renown city Ahmednasir Abdullahi had asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to furnish the office of the DPP should be with more money to enhance its capacity to deliver in the spirited fight against corruption.

    "DPP Noordin Haji needs an annual budget of Ksh10 billion to effectively fight high-grade corruption. Kenya can afford that. Give it to him," the Senior Counsel had suggested.


    However, a section of Kenyans differed with Ahmednasir indicating that the office of Haji was doing okay with the current allocation.

    But in what reflects increased trust in the independent role of the DPP's to carry out high-profile prosecutions such as the ongoing scandals, Kenyans applauded Haji and his team.

    Amid sarcastic reactions and humorous remarks, Kenyans blamed other independent institutions in the government including EACC, the Legislature and the Judiciary for what they perceived as failure to support the war against graft.

    Others, however, expressed the need for DPP Haji and his team to be given time to prove their resilience in the fight through successful trials and convictions of corruption masterminds.

    Yet another group blamed the electorate for not only protecting those suspected of graft but also voting them in office.

    Reports of underfunding in the office of the DPP have in the past been blamed for poor prosecution procedures and at times low conviction rate in the courts.

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