Mike Sonko Shares Photos of Proposed High Rise Gikomba Market

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Thursday shared blueprint images of what the newly proposed Gikomba market will look like in a post on social media.

    The Nairobi County Governor stated that the market will be a multi-storey building. The high rise market will have five floors with different sections for traders.

    The market will also house over 500 stalls and the document shared shows that the first four floors will have 100 stalls each while the fifth floor will have 28 stalls.  

    [caption caption="Plan showing proposed number of floors-via Facebook"][/caption]

    The ground floor will have over 90 stalls and some will be for fishmongers and a cold room storage area for the perishable products.

    “My Administration together with the National Government is finalizing plans for the proposed construction of a modern state-of-the-art and Highrise Gikomba Market. The modern Market will have 5 floors and 525 stalls to accommodate all the current traders at the business centre,” his post read.

    Sonko also stated that the project will be undertaken by the County government together with the State Department of Housing, the Urban Development Authority as well as the State Department of Public Works.

    “The Nairobi City County Government will work together with the State Department of Housing, Urban Development and Public Works to ensure the building complies with all the safety and environment regulations,” he stated.

    Some of the amenities that the market will have include CCTV surveillance cameras, floodlights and a proper sewerage system which has been a real problem in Gikomba.

    “Among the installations to be considered during the construction of the new market is the connection of water, electricity, expansion of the sewer system in the area, installation of floodlights and well-fitted CCTV surveillance among others,” the governor highlighted.

    While talking about the ambitious plan, he hoped that the new market with all the advanced facilities will curb the insecurity and the fires that have been plaguing the popular market.  

    [caption caption="Image of general look of the market -via Facebook"][/caption]

    “The construction of the new Gikomba Market will put to an end the perennial fire disasters at the market that has led to the loss of lives and properties,” he expressed the need to have the new market set up. 

    [caption caption="Image showing proposed location and look of new Gikomba market-via Facebook"][/caption]