CJ David Maraga's Tough Directive on All Corruption Cases

  • Chief Justice David Maraga declared that all corruption and economic crime cases will be heard and determined in Nairobi.

    Maraga further directed that applications challenging economic crime and corruption charges be limited to the High Court in Nairobi.

    Additionally, all reviews, appeals or any other disputes arising from the charges will be heard and determined by the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Division in Nairobi.

    CJ Maraga noted that the move will ease management of cases and speed up their hearings and determination since in the past such cases delayed in courts.

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    “All cases relating to corruption and economic crimes which have been filed before other stations and divisions of the High Court, in which hearing has not commenced, shall be transferred to the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Division," CJ Maraga remarked.

    The directive was noted to take effect immediately.

    According to the new directive, those arrested over corruption and economic crime related cases in the counties will be brought to Nairobi for hearings and determination.

    Parties were directed to file their affidavits, pleadings and submissions including the list of authorities in soft-copy via email to enable judges to expedite rulings and judgment.

    “All urgent application shall be fast-tracked, heard and determined within 60 days. All other applications shall be heard and determined within 90 days," the directive read in part.

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    "Provided that for good reason, the court shall have the discretion to extend the time allocated," the directive further added.

    Cases pending in other stations or divisions of the High Court shall continue to be heard and determined in those stations.