President Uhuru Urges Kenyans to Join Him in War Against Corruption

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged all Kenyans to join him in the war against graft. 

    In a statement written on his Twitter page on Friday morning, the President insisted that the war against corruption is about the wellbeing of all citizens. 

    The Head of State exclaimed: "Wakenya wenzangu (My fellow Kenyans), the war against corruption and economic crimes is about the wellbeing of our Republic.

    "Let's all join hands and vigorously fight this vice," Uhuru added. 

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta makes his address during State House Summit on Governance"][/caption]

    The President, who has always pushed for the implementation of his big four agenda, recently expressed his concerns that corruption in the country may make him not achieve his desired legacy at the end of his second term.

    In a statement seen by, the president strongly appealed to the public to help him overcome the nightmare which tends to hinder Kenya's economic progress.

    "Corruption is a huge concern and I am afraid it has the potential to undermine my Big Four agenda and even worse completely destroy the country. I am not going to take any of corrupt dealings from anyone in my leadership from now henceforth, their time is up and they should be ready to face justice," the jubilee party leader stated.

    Responding to the President's call, netizens encouraged him to not relent in the war against the vice, adding that he should see to it that all government officials caught in corrupt acts face the law.

    "Mr. President, this corruption war is not going to be easy keep pushing for results. Kindly let the suspected CSs and other leaders step down to allow investigations. I promise you, we won't miss them!" one user noted. 

    Another one declared: "Mr. President you are yet to make this louder. If someone is mentioned please they should be sent home till they are cleared. You can't tell us to help fight while the traffic police have not been burned."

    However, Uhuru's message was not received well by netizens as some accused him of being lenient on the war as some of his close allies are facing graft cases.

    Here are more reactions from Kenyans:

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