Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris Spotted Cycling in CBD [VIDEO]

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Saturday joined over 130 cyclists for a 35km fun and awareness creation ride across the city.

Passaris and the cyclists were on a mission to raise awareness on the need for safer roads for bicycle riders in the city.

Speaking after the monthly exercise, Passaris stated: "I'm pleased by the growing local movement of cyclists advocating for a bike-friendly Nairobi that is also free of pollution".

[caption caption="Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris with the cyclists"][/caption]

The cycling event is part of a campaign that seeks to influence policy in the city to create space for proper and safe cycling lanes to decongest traffic and positively influence lifestyle.

"Done! My longest and toughest ride yet. Thank you #CriticalMassNairobi for an incredible experience, and congratulations to my fellow cyclists on completing a challenging tour," the Nairobi MP stated.

One of the most interesting scenes from the event is a lad who appears to be 6 or 7 years old cycling the full 35km haul - a task that Passaris acknowledged was a challenge even unto her.

"The future of cycling is bright," one of the cyclists remarked over the young boy's remarkable fete dubbed the "rider of the day, the week and the month".

Kenyans have in the past suggested that the riparian zone along Nairobi River should be rehabilitated into cycling lanes as part of the Nairobi Regeneration Project.

Traffic snarl up has been a major problem in the city especially during rush hours despite the government embarking on various decongestion programs including the envisioned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

Many have expressed that cycling in the city would equate to putting one's life on the line as the rogue matatu drivers make the roads dangerous.


@CriticalMassNbi rider of the day. Of the week. And of the month. This young lad who went the full 35km haul. The future of cycling is bright @EstherPassaris hence the need for lanes and awareness. #CriticalMassNairobi #CriticalMass

— Andrew Byama (@Keeplah) July 28, 2018

Others have, however, pointed out that their concern would be the lack of supporting facilities at the work premises including safe parking for the bicycles and bathrooms to clean up after the rides.

[caption caption="A participant encouraging the youngest cyclist during the event"][/caption]

Here a video of Passaris during the event:


My final lap @CriticalMassNBI for a fun, morning ride across the city. @AQMibilit…

— Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 28, 2018