Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange Reveals His Electricity Bill

  • Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange has revealed how much he paid for his electricity bill during the month of June alone. 

    Announcing during the Sunday Live bulletin, Jeff divulged that he paid Ksh72,007 to Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC).

    Jeff made the astonishing declaration while reporting on the Lake Turkana Wind Power Company project that intends to produce up to 33 percent of energy with an expected target of 310 Megawatts (MW).

    Questioning Energy PS Joseph Njoroge on when the electricity bills would be reduced, Jeff revealed the startling charge wondering how he had accumulated such a bill.

    [caption caption="A screenshot of Jeff Koinange's electricity billing details as was aired on Citizen TV"][/caption]

    The project, whose estimated cost is Ksh70 billion, will evacuate the electricity produced from the 40,000-acre wind farm to the national grid which in turn is expected to reduce the electricity bill charges for the public.

    The project built in Marsabit is the largest wind farm in Africa. 

    However, despite the project having been completed 15 months ago, it's yet to start production due to incompletion of the transmission line to the national grid.

    If the transmission line is not connected by September 2018, the government of Kenya may have to pay the investors of the project Ksh1 billion shillings a month in what is known as payment obligation which may ultimately strain the taxpayer. 

    [caption caption="The view of the Ksh 70 billion Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Loiyangalani district of Marsabit County of Northern Kenya sitting on a 40,000 acres piece of land "][/caption]

    Taking to social media, netizens were quick to mock Jeff over his bill with most of them wondering how he uses electricity at his home. 

    "This is why I don't like rich people! how dare you pay 72K for power only? do you know that amount can pay all my bills for a year and still save some cash in my savings account?" wondered Jonathan Mwaniki

    Another user stated: "Hiyo ni salary ya mtu for 3 months huku kwa ground. (That is someone's three-months salary)."

    Others went ahead to make fun of him urging him to "stop welding" activities in his home. 

    Timothy Sammy questioned: "Do you run a factory at home?"

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