Governor Mike Sonko Suspends Chief of Staff Brian Mugo

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has suspended his chief of staff Brian Mugo over misuse of funds. 

    The county boss suspended Mugo together with acting Finance Chief Officer Ekaya Alumasi and acting Head of Treasury Stephen Mutua

    Announcing their suspension, Sonko requested the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to help him investigate the issue. 

    [caption caption="Nairobi governor Mike Sonko with county secretary Morintat Leboo , Larry Wambua(devolution), Chief of staff Brian Mugo and Charles Kerich (ICT)"][/caption]

    He also affirmed that whoever is found culpable of crimes in his government will be prosecuted. 

    His recent move is noted to be among a series of suspensions that he has made in his government in a bid to fight corruption and misappropriation of public funds at City Hall.

    In January, the county boss sent 30 county procurement staff on forced leave.

    The officials were accused of inflating and issuing Local Purchase Orders (LPO) and Service Orders (LSO) without the requisite approval by the Governor.

    The Nairobi governor has been recorded warning members of his cabinet as well as other county officials that he will "not hesitate to fire anyone found engaging in corruption."

    The governor also declared that top among his priorities will be fighting corruption and the cartels that have infiltrated the Nairobi county government before.

    "Fighting corruption is a collective responsibility. On my part, I will spare no one found engaging in corruption," Sonko noted.

    [caption caption="Nairobi governor Mike Sonko with executive members of his cabinet"][/caption]

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