32 Illegal Immigrants Found Hidden in Luggage Truck

  • 32 illegal immigrants from Somalia were arrested by police at Mwingi, after they were caught hidden in a lorry ferrying gas and charcoal.

    The Thursday night incident took place when the Nairobi bound vehicle was intercepted at a police roadblock for a routine check.

    The lorry had been carrying 50 bags of charcoal and 47 empty gas cylinders.

    Among the cargo, was the group of people who could neither speak English nor Kiswahili in what is suspected to be a human smuggling mission.

    The police however managed to gather from the immigrants that they had been promised transportation to Nairobi at a fee.

    This is not an isolated case as there have been cases of illegal immigrants getting into Kenya from the neighboring countries.

    The police are keen to investigate how the illegal immigrants got so far into the country despite the presence of other roadblocks all the way from Garissa where they are suspected to have permeated the border.

    Speaking to The Standard,  Kitui County head of CID Shem Nyamboki said they are also carrying out investigations into the possibility of the lorry crew, now in custody having been involved in transporting other illegal immigrants.

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