Evans Kidero's Son, Ronald Arrested in Nairobi

  • Police in Nairobi on Thursday evening arrested former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero’s son.

    Ronald Kidero was reported to have been nabbed by police under unclear circumstances and was held at Central Police station.

    Police held the ex-governor's son briefly before moving him to Gigiri police station where he spent the night.

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    Officers at the police station intimated to local dailies that Ronald was arrested for allegedly dealing in adulterated fuel.

    “Someone complained that he fuelled in that petrol station and his car got spoilt. We are likely to charge him with malicious damage to property,” a CID officer told The Star.

    Away from helping in the management of the Kidero Foundation, Ronald is linked to a petrol station operating along Kiambu road.

    In June this year, the Energy Regulatory Commission(ERC) put motorists on the alert over the influx of adulterated fuel into the Kenyan market.

    ERC, through a public notice, asked motorists to beware and report incidents of jerking, loss of engine power or excessive smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust after fueling at any petrol station.

    The regulator also required that motorists keep payment records each time they fuel to enable them to take action on businessmen selling contaminated fuel.

    The commission gave its hotline numbers 0708 444 000 and 0709 336 000 to be used by motorists to report such incidents.

    Ronald's arrest is the first to catch the public eye in connection with bad fuel deals. He is set to face charges on the malicious destruction of vehicles fueling at the petrol station he runs.

    His arrest came a few hours after his father managed to secure a Ksh2 Million bond after spending a night at Integrity Center in connection with alleged mismanagement of funds.

    Kidero was in alongside Maurice Okere, a former Head of the County Treasury in his administration arraigned before Milimani Law Courts several hours after being held at Integrity Centre.

    Kidero and Okere denied several charges including bribery, money laundering and abuse of office.

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