President Uhuru Ready to Lose Friends in Corruption War

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday attended a church service at Faith Evangelistic Ministry in Karen where he proclaimed that he was ready to lose friends in the ongoing demolition exercise.

    Addressing the congregation, the Head of State stated that since the operation began, he had lost a number of friends and he was ready to lose more in the fight against corruption.

    "Over the last few weeks I have lost many friends. Many have called me asking ' how can you be watching when all the destruction is going on?' I say a time has come to fight impunity.

    "Let us lose our friends and do what is right in the eyes of God. We shall gain other friends. Let us create a society that respects and treasures hard work and integrity, a nation with a conscience," he declared.

    He reiterated that his administration would not relent in the process to restore the country's lost glory.

    "It is for us to harness that power. Kenya is in a stage of transformation. We must resist that which stops us from transforming. We must empower each and every one of us.

    "We should begin to judge our character by our spirit, who we are, by the talents given to us by God. We should use our skills and innovation to better our lives and those of others," he added.

    President Kenyatta further warned those influential figures who used corrupt ways to accumulate wealth that their days were numbered.

    "No matter how much money you have, no matter how many people in high offices you know, that will not save you. We will not be prevented from achieving our dreams because of impunity.

    "I leave feeling better than when I came in. We are in a process of change, that process resides in each and every one of us," he exclaimed.

    Deputy President William Ruto echoed Uhuru's sentiments terming it a favour from God that he got to work with his friend (referring to President Uhuru).

    "God has given me favour and rolled up my boss into one. With God's favour you can know inside things. Coming to this church service is always a celebration," he stated.