Lions Spotted Roaming in Nairobi Back at National Park - KWS

  • The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Communications Director on Tuesday issued an update on reports of lions spotted roaming in Nairobi during the early morning.

    Speaking to, Paul Udoto clarified that tracks spotted by KWS officers indicated that the animals had returned to Nairobi National Park.

    An alarm had been raised on social media regarding the animals which were reportedly roaming around Catholic University.

    However, Mr Udoto noted that the officers had not seen any of the lions but had seen marks instead.

    “There were no lions roaming about contrary to reports going round.

    “There were tracks seen that lead back to the park but so far no lions are roaming free,” he maintained.

    [caption caption="Cubs allegedly spotted in the morning."]

    He further added that a team of KWS officials were manning the perimeter of the park in case any lions were actually spotted.

    Earlier reports claimed that the lions in question were seen roving at 6 a.m along Magadi road, on the stretch between Galleria Mall and Catholic University.

    This is not an isolated case when it comes to lions escaping the Nairobi National Park.

    In 2016, six lions were reported to have escaped the park through a culvert as they were chasing a warthog.

    Before the end of that week, the fugitive lions had either walked back to the park on their own accord or were safely captured by KWS officials.

    In another unfortunate incident, another lion, popularly known as ‘Mohawk’ was shot and killed by park rangers in Isinya when he escaped the National Park from the south end.

    [caption caption="Mohawk with the warden who took him down."][/caption]