Boniface Mwangi Blasts Mohammed Ali After Radio Interview

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  • Nyali MP Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu has been blasted by vocal activist Boniface Mwangi over his calls on revolution.

    Speaking on Hot 96 FM, Ali had indicated that his critics should quit complaining on social media and instead meet him face to face to strategically engage in changing the country.

    "People type unrealistic things on social media. Ideas don't make sense. Be man or woman enough. Let's work, fight differently but together for revolution," the Nyali MP stated.

    [caption caption="Nyali MP Mohammed Ali with the host Jeff Koinange"][/caption]

    It's this statement on a revolution that rubbed Boniface, a civil rights crusader and Moha's fan turned critic, wrongly.

    "A revolution of supporting thieves Moha is no revolution! You called Ruto a thief on Jeff Koinange's live show.

    "Has he (Ruto) returned what he stole? Has he reformed? Values are non-negotiable Moha and it's clear you have put your stomach before country," Boniface quipped.

    In an earlier message, Mwangi reached out to the Nyali MP urging: "Am calling out Moha as his friend because he deserves to hear from those who love him.

    "Moha, it's never too late to go back to what inspired you to run for office, you ran to be the voice of the people and to speak truth to power. Stay true!," he reminded the MP.

    The former KTN journalist who was famed for his investigative journalism show Jicho Pevu has maintained a relatively low profile since he joined the August House.

    His laid-back approach, however, has not gone well with many of his supporters who had high hopes on his ability to influence the country's politics positively.

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    In July, the Nyali legislator landed in trouble with a section of Kenyans after a Twitter altercation with a supporter escalated into insults.