Nyali MP Moha Jicho Pevu's Twitter Spat Angers Supporters

  • Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali‏ popularly known as Moha Jicho Pevu has angered his supporters after a Twitter arguement with his supporter escalated into insults.

    Trouble began when the MP who is famed for his work as an investigative journalist launched an initiative dubbed "Nyali driving school bursary fund".

    A tweep by the name Fred Asira questioned the prudence of Moha's initiative that aims to sponsor at least 250 constituents for the driving school training.

    [caption caption="The poster advertising the driving school scholarship"][/caption]

    "If you train everyone in Nyali to be a driver, who will be driven?" Asira who describes himself as an anti-corruption crusader posed.

    Moha however could hear none of Asira's concerns and came guns blazing hitting the tweep in the face.

    "Uko na akili ndogo kama sabuni ya lodging! (Your brain is as small as a lodging's toilet soap)," the MP told off Asira, a remark that borders an insultation.

    This angered a section of his supporters who found fault in the way Nyali MP chose to settle the arguement.

    Afadhali yangu ni ndogo. Yako unayo? Ama ilinyakuliwa kwa helicopter?

    — King Fred Asira (@FredAsira) July 1, 2018

    Good initiative,but why dint he just explain that?he resorted to abuse.

    — Lenin (@lentardo) July 1, 2018

    Fred, guys like moha are unteachable. He should have stuck to that pretense of investigative thing of his or the reggae program. Now he is clearly out of his depth

    — Bavon Marie Marie (@francis_mmakau) July 1, 2018

    As the honorable member of parliament for Nyali your response is beneath your status, withdraw and immediately apologize the honorable @FredAsira otherwise you cease being honorable

    — Owade Were (@chimawere) July 1, 2018

    Mhesh!some of us contributed money for your campaigns willingly through your paybill but now because you feel you have enough,some of us tumekua sabuni!!okey

    — Amakanji Thomas (@AmakanjiThomas) July 1, 2018

    wow coming from an MP. a whole mheshimiwa. Power has gone 2 yr head. SMH

    — Agent wa Ozil (@noelweks_) July 1, 2018

    Hujamwambia vizuri. Cha muhimu ni uhai

    — Frank MwaG.O.A.T (@wa_kitui) July 1, 2018

    @FredAsira @wanjaupatrik @NemanRyassa @EngnrDan ,Tasfida na nidhamu ya mheshimiwa haipo!!

    — Nitty-gritty (@MosesYatolly) July 1, 2018

    @FredAsira sue this Moha dude for slander.

    — Kisame (@KiziriiW) July 1, 2018

    As a leader you need to learn not to respond to everything and hold yourself with dignity.

    — Jackie A (@Jackie_Arkle) July 1, 2018

    Lo! si vyema kumtusi mwenzako kwa kutumia bidhaa asizoweza kupata. Hivi wewe ushajifaidi na ushuru wa Wananyali ukaweza kuingia lodging moja baada ya nyingine waanza kuona bidhaa zilizomo humo ndani waweza tumia kuwadharirisha wakaazi wa eneo bunge lako.

    — The Vocal Silence. (@TheVocalSilence) July 1, 2018

    Watu wanashika feelings na vile hii reply ni ngori

    — Grey Collins Kones (@colkon) July 1, 2018

    Seriously! My respect for you is gone. U didn't have to say all that

    — Susan (@sue4050) July 1, 2018

    How can a young MP use such language ??. Kenya has no chance of being redeemed

    — Gacamiu (@paulynm) July 1, 2018

    That's "unhonourable" language especially from you.

    — Edward Mwita (@edu_mwita) July 1, 2018

    This is so reckless and wrong for a public servant to speak that way to a citizen. In another country he would have been forced to step down

    — UhuRuto is axis of evil [] NRM (@swedenhill) July 1, 2018

    Wacha matusi wewe ulisha nunuliwa kula ya wizi pole pole

    — sheikh (@chairmondo) July 1, 2018

    Humility is a virtue,respect for humanity irrespective of their intellectual capacity is priceless.

    — fredkali (@fredmusembi97) July 1, 2018

    Didn't expect a comment like that from an admiral leader like you.

    — George Erasto (@erasto_george_) July 1, 2018

    Wait Whaaaat!!?? I never expected this from you.

    — Gily The Don (@_Mwabe_manyasi_) July 1, 2018

    Kiburi unacho bwana cha nini?hutaki kuambiwa!!!

    — Muia Felix (@FelixMuia9) July 1, 2018

    What a response from a person worth your calibre !!When you are in leadership you have to learn to control yourself.SHAME

    — Griffin Babu Awino (@Ababuluke) July 1, 2018

    Wee dogo siku izi umejaza kiburi, dawa yako ya 2022 inachemka utaona

    — Mangale Frank (@FrankMangale) July 1, 2018

    According to Moha, the beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme only need to be residents of his constituency and above the age 18 years.

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