Mohamed Ali Tables New Names of Alleged NYS Scandal Suspects

  • Nyali Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammed Ali popularly known as Moha Jicho Pevu on Tuesday released a report where he implicated various government officials, elected leaders and businessmen of having a hand in the theft of the Ksh9 Billion at NYS.

    Speaking at Parliament buildings Ali stated: "Evidence has been brought to my attention that now points to the alleged involvement of other senior government officials, banks and business people whose names have been studiously avoided both by investigators and the media."

    He added: "These people and institutions, it would seem from the evidence I have been given, were involved in NYS1, and may very well be involved in this second series of thefts from the National Youth Service."

    The Nyali legislator, in his dossier, implicated former DCI boss Ndegwa Muhoro, Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru, former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri, current Health CS Sicily Kariuki, NYS Deputy Director Captain Sam Muchuki, former NYS Director Nelson Githinji, Police Inspector Mike Julius King’oo Muia and Businessman Ben Gethi.

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    "For instance, Police Inspector Muia is purported to have received a payment of KSH 900,000 from a member of the Ngirita family," the MP stated during the presser.

    "On Sicily Kariuki and Mwangi Kiunjuri, I must make it clear that their being mentioned here is to shed light on what happened during their tenure at the Devolution Ministry," he added.

    The lawmaker also revealed he was in possession of a list of 40 companies that, which he alleged benefited from billions of shillings in payments that could be irregular or illegal.

    Ali stated: "It must be stated that if they are among the owners, state, and public officers, then this should be taken very seriously, given the unfair advantages that these people have in getting information to secure tenders for themselves, their partners and family members, and a network of corrupt individuals.

    He added: "Conflict of interest may no longer be controversial to some Kenyans, but to me, it is the very reason why this money is being stolen. There also are two banks, one based in Ridgeways, and one in the city center, where very suspicious transactions took place. I will not name them here yet."

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    While releasing his statement, the Nyali MP also dropped a bombshell by naming a group which he claimed calls itself Othaya Mafia which he alleged had its roots deep in the Ksh9 billion theft.

    "I have also learned of a cartel that calls itself the “Othaya mafia”, whose involvement in this scandal is clear. I will come back with more information on the same in due course," Mohammed Ali stated.