How Theresa May Plans to Go After British Pedophiles in Kenya

  • Downing Street revealed details of how Britain plans to assist Kenyan authorities in fighting pedophiles in the country.

    Amid a rise in growing cases of British nationals being arrested for abusing Kenyan children, the UK plans to set up a highly advanced cyber centre in Nairobi.

    To be established in conjunction with the police, it will be used to identify and stop child abuse images being shared online.

    The centre will also assist efforts to identify potential victims allowing authorities to swing into action.

    The UK government also plans to improve the access to data held by tech firms that is sought by the Kenyan government in relation to various cases.

    "Online child exploitation is an abhorrent crime and we are determined to ensure there is no place to hide for predators who use the internet to share images of abuse across borders, too often with impunity.

    "This builds on our ongoing work with Kenya on security and criminal justice - a partnership which has already helped to convict and imprison terrorists in the UK," May stated following her meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta on 30/08/2018.

    In one of the more recent cases, Keith Morris, a British pensioner, was convicted of raping children in Kenya and attempting to bribe them into silence.

    He was arrested upon his return to the UK in February 2017.

    Morris was convicted of four counts of rape, four counts of sexual assault, three counts of assault by penetration, and two counts of perverting the course of justice at Leeds Crown Court. 

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